A Starbucks Start

Wow! My first blog post! I’m sitting in a Starbucks as I write this. Once I got over the fact the barista shorted me on my tall toasted white chocolate mocha (extra hot), I begin the marketing process that I will soon teach small business owners to do.

What process?

The process of making more Money Honey!  The process of marketing your service or product with the end goal of making more PROFIT$! Who doesn’t want to earn more money!? I would be lying if I said I am starting this journey to occupy my time. No!           ( I have 2 jobs and a toddler to do that).

I am starting this process to help YOU make money and to make some money for myself!

If you have found this page, then we already have some things in common.

  1. You want to work for yourself.
  2. You want financial freedom.
  3. You want to do what you love.
  4. You want to influence others.
  5. You want to offer people something you are obsessed with and an expert on.

Last but NOT least…


Don’t be ashamed to say it! Money makes the world go ’round.

First things first…

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Sade. I am a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelors degree in communication. For as long as I can remember, I have been OBSESSED with marketing. I’ll let you in on a secret… (I couldn’t/didn’t  keep my GPA high enough to stay in the prestigious school of business at UofL, so I had to enroll in the arts & science school). That feeling of failure in business school did not suddenly make me no longer obsessed with marketing though. It made me go out and find another way to educate myself on the subject!!

What about you?


As a business owner, did you receive a formal education? Or did you have this nagging itch about a particular service or product that you took the initiative to learn everything about it? Even if you did get a formal education on your obsession, did you learn how to make a profitable business from it? Did your school give you the tools you needed to market your obsession to an audience?


As a business owner, you must be OBSESSED with your product or service. (I’m worried about you if you arent). More importantly, you have to take the initiative to push your product or service to the people that matter.

My obsession is obviously different from yours or you wouldn’t be here reading a blog written by a marketing coach. The topic doesn’t excite you.  You may have researched it, but lost interest too quickly to finish. You may have tried to market your business, but didn’t get the results you hoped for, so you gave up on it.


This is why I’m here now… Sitting in a Starbucks that is about to close, preparing for my marketing coach journey. Preparing to teach you, walk with you, and support you on your journey to more money, more brand recognition, more followers, and BOOMIN’ business!

For quick access to tips and tricks to digital marketing… Follow me on Facebook and Twitter @moneyhoneymarketing TODAY!

Visit back here soon for more in-depth tutorials, and information that is easy to comprehend.



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